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    does anyone else feel kinda chubby sometimes when ur on the computer


    so u just take ur shirt and


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    It’s amazing to me how many “ear to the ground” folks I know have spent so ugh time posting about Beyoncé but still aren’t spreading awareness about #kendrickjohnson . This 17 year old #blackboy was killed on school grounds in #Valdosta Georgia and everyone from the school to the cops to the coroner to the funeral home to the media is complicit in the #coverup . #CNN has been the only news outlet that has followed the story and tried to get the family some answers. HELLO PEOPLE this #blackbody is symbolic of how we as #blackpeople are still seen. THEY FILLED HIS BODY WITH NEWSPAPER! Look at his face! They tried to say he only suffocated?! How when he looks like #emmettill ?! If you can post about how wonderful Beyoncé is or anything else THEN SURELY you can share this story and spread awareness. The coverup is only working because people aren’t informed. The more people know, the more pressure can be put on the town. The US Attorney and FBI are involved but it’s not enough. Where are his rallies? His songs? His poems? Why is his image not being shared across the country? Across the world? Where is the #outrage

    Oh my God. Bless his soul

    Oh my fuck. They removed brains and other organs and filled him with newspaper and school authorities are still trying to convince people it was a freak accident.


    here’s some horrifying facts:

    • his body, when recovered, had all organs removed so a second autopsy couldn’t determine cause of death
    • he was found rolled up in a gym mat between benches
    • camera footage has been tampered with, so there is no recording of the gym or the entrances to tell who entered (but suspiciously were active just long enough to show the victim entering)
    • school has been late with all requested information

    this is not fucking okay

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    Name: Karen Dupiche @KarenDupiche


    Occupation: Emmy award winning Makeup artist



    Karen is a Haitian-American native from East Orange, New Jersey. Shes been such a staple at her craft ,her own city inducted her into their hall of fame. Being one of the leading makeup up artist in the industry has led her to work with the likes of Alek Wek andmuch more.


    Some of her work:



    Tony award

    MTV awards

    The View

    The Oprah show

    The Aprentice


    Karen has now recently joined FOX news as Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s makeup artist.

    And also contributes to women in assisted living to embrace their inner and outer beauty as they age.



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    reblogging for the nigga in the back

    he dont know wus going on yet he just starts groovin lol

    The guy in the back

    Lmao yes the kid in the back !


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    The year is 2743.  Society as we know it has collapsed.  We have seen the machines take over and experience their own downfall.  There are no more countries.  There are no more governments.   Resources are at a dangerous low.  Many have left the Earth in search of a new planet to inhabit.  Only one thing is certain:  There is a Java Update available.

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    mike ain’t puttin’ up with yo shit cvs

    He just looks so done with life im dying hes too cute

    #u r 40 #how are u this cute #explain 

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  8. My name is Junie B. Jones. The B stands for Beatrice. Except I don’t like Beatrice. I just like B and that’s all.

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    Coretta Scott King and her daughter, Bernice by Flip Schulke (1964)

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    Omg! Yes!

    Follow here for more beautiful black love!

    Thats so fucking cute !

    I cracked uppppppp. Gotta have a man who loves to have fun/doesn’t take things too seriously!


  12. The “I” in Diet



    Start a diet of self care. 

    Start a diet of loving yourself. 

    Binge on happiness. 

    Starve hatred. 

    Eat chocolate, love your community, challenge yourself, then grow. 

    Still relevant.

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    Powerful & creative imagery

    the food and education made me sad.

    I have always been fascinated by these ‘world of 100 people’ things, I remember spending hours thinking through the ones on a poster at church when I was 9 or so. It really, really makes some really important stuff so blindingly clear, in numbers we can understand. And it should, I hope it does, inspire us to act. 

    Amazing post.

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  15. Anonymous asked: I'm gonna lose my virginity to my boyfriend soon. (I'm a girl) Any ideas on how to make it really good for me and him?


    iight bet so set the scene right

    get home before he do and turn all the lights off but have some candles burnin (make sure they smell good too, don’t be burnin no bacon scented candles or some dumb shit like that) and then wear juss ya bra nd panties

    soon as he walk thru the door, walk up to him nd be like “dey got the new playoff roster update for 2k u trine get smacked nigga” nd already hav the console runnin. play him in 2k but let him win. play wit the Bucks or some shit. once he up like 15, juss start suckin his thang nd the game over nd dis when the sex begin